I remember the day I set alone in the dark and realized I would most likely be alone forever, I couldn’t quite get it but everyone that I had ever let come so close would one day either just pack and go or made me pack their stuff for them and send them away, and the day I would make peace with my heart they would just come back and fight for me like the world depended on it. 
I was so tired of fake love and lies I thought to myself that love was not made for me or that maybe god thought I didn’t deserve it, thus I promised to never fall this hard for anyone else ever again. And it was working perfectly until you just popped out from god knows where and every single bit of you makes my heart dance to the sound of your voice, my skin is shivering by the thought of your touch, one word from you and my day is half way perfect already, I swear I tried to resist, I denied that it could ever be love, until I couldn’t anymore, and I could see at that moment that I had fallen in love with you before even realizing. you and that force that surrounds you and pulls me in, you with that messed up mind of yours that’s more like a puzzle and, damn, I love puzzles. You made me believe in love again, you made me wish for it every second. It’s messed up , if you’re happy I’m super happy, if you’re not my mind goes in circles trying to find out how can I make you feel better, should I give you space or try harder? 
You made me see the the world through a new perspective, think about things I would never before, you made me look for deeper meaning in life itself, you made me a better person in heart and you don’t even know that, that’s the thing you were not trying you just showed me what made your heart beat without any demanding expectations.
You made me write even when I was happy and that, my love, is a first for me. And as I always say if someone makes you do art even if for a brief period it was already worth it, no matter what the future holds for us, I know that I will never regret you, and I’d take the risk of letting you in  anytime. 

A love so big that your happiness is more important than just the fact that I want you to be mine, it’s not that selfish kind of love,  I don’t depend on you but I want you close even though I’d be wise enough to let you go if I had to, if you had to, if you being happy meant you needed me out of the equation. 
Just be brave enough either to stay or to know you need to let me go.