- It’s over.
- What?
- Me and him.
- But he didn’t even talk to you again.
- I just understood the message.
- Stop! The guy I know wouldn’t be capable of doing something like that!
- You’re right the guy we knew wouldn’t, but the fact is  the new one would and did it.
- I’m shocked.
- Don’t be. He’s acting like that almost since holidays began, I get used to…
- You don’t have to get used to be hurt!! Come on, are you there??!
- Stop it, can’t you see?
- See what? The strongest person I ever knew letting some guy hurt her?? Yeah, I’m seeing pretty well, thanks.
- He’s not SOME GUY.
- Hell, yeah, that’s the problem, you never fall this hard for anyone, why did you chose him, look around you, how many guys are calling him an asshole and want to be in his place??! A few guys believe me! Look, you have to let him go, forget him.
- Easy to talk. And I didn’t choose anyone, he choose me and I fall deeply hard, now I know that perhaps I shouldn’t but it’s too late. And… I’m not that strong as people think.
- Of course you’re weak sometimes as everyone, but I’m sure you are strong as hell! And you’ll forget him.
- It’s not like that, how can I stop loving someone when I gave everything I had to him, how can I just forget every word, every promises? I never trust anyone at this point, you know? I gave him everything, my heart, my time, my patience, my love, my fears, my entire soul and body, I get too attached and look what, that’s what I took, a broken heart.
- But not a broken soul.
- He took it with him too. But who cares, I don’t give a fuck about it anymore.
- That’s your head talking, but your heart is telling you another story.
- Fuck it, fuck love and my stupid heart, fuck everything we had, fuck feelings.
- You’re damaged I get it, but calm down. Please don’t cry.
- That shit people call love, it fucking hurts.
- You need to get over it and every single thing will be alright.
- Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.
- I know... And what if he tells you he wants to get back with you?
- I’m not his toy.
- You would say “yes”.
- I’m not that stupid.
- When it comes to him, yes you are.

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